GP locum chambers were first conceived in 2002 when a group of 30 NASGP GP locum group leads from across the UK met at the RCGP head office in London one rainy Saturday, and came up with a model whereby GP locums could work as part of a team.

NASGP's LocumDeck Chambers

Locum chambers are small, independent groups of local self-employed locum GPs all working together through a shared management and clinical governance structure to support NHS GP practices and locums to maintain, and in some cases improve, local GP services.

Small but significant, by collectivising administrative work, pastoral care and systems and processes for clinical governance, chambers support and retain flexible GPs, enabling them to become a well-engaged presence in a local health area.

NASGP's aim is to help set up and support GP locum chambers in every town and city in the UK. Whether you're one or two locums who'd like to be part of a chambers in your area, or a CCG, federation, PCN or other similar organisation who'd value a locum chambers in their area to help support local practices, NASGP can get a chambers up and running in your area in no time.

From use of our comprehensive LocumDeck online locum chambers management software, with access to our suite of chambers management support tools and training, to even have NASGP completely manage your chamber for you. All with a very affordable operational cost based on a small percentage of your chamber members' locum earnings.

Manchester Locum Chambers

I'm Dr Aswin Thampy and a GP locum in the Manchester area. We're setting up a new chambers for any locums living in or around the Manchester area. Please login to LocumDeck and find us on the 'Chambers near me' widget, and once you've applied we'll arrange a telephone call to explain how it all works.

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Herts Locum Chambers

NASGP members in the local area are keen to get a new chambers up and running. If you're an existing GP locum in Herts, or are new to the area, login to NASGP and go to the 'Chambers' widget.

Herts LOGO

Ealing Locum Chambers

NASGP members in the local area are keen to get a new chambers up and running. If you're an existing GP locum in Ealing, or are new to the area, login to NASGP and go to the 'Chambers' widget.


Norfolk GP Careers Plus

Norfolk and Waveney CCG has developed the GP Careers Plus scheme to create support our local flexible GP locums and GP practices. The scheme is designed to facilitate cover for clinical sessions - to fill long-standing vacant sessions and short-term cover for annual leave, sickness leave or busy periods. To save you time and stress on admin and really help you plan your work-life balance, all bookings and invoicing are completed through LocumDeck. Please login to LocumDeck and find us on the 'Chambers near me' widget, and once you've applied we'll arrange a telephone call to explain how it all works.

GP Careers Plus

West Surrey Locum Chambers

My name is Justine Hall and I’d like to help get some new locum chambers off the ground around the Guildford, Waverley, Woking and Farnham areas, starting small but growing as more locums join. We'll be meeting up monthly, and be supported by the NASGP. Please login to LocumDeck and find us on the 'Chambers near me' widget, and once you've applied we'll arrange a telephone call to explain how it all works.

W_Surrey LOGO

SW Thames NASGP Locum Chambers

My name is Fiona Munro and I'm setting up this new locum chambers. We'll be meeting up monthly, and be supported by Ali Lewis, our Chambers Manager, and Richard Fieldhouse, our Clinical Director. Please login to LocumDeck and find us on the 'Chambers near me' widget, and once you've applied we'll arrange a telephone call to explain how it all works.

SW Thames LOGO

Worcestershire Locum Chambers

Shampa Hazra and Manuel Villarreal are two locum GPs in the Worcestershire area. Manuel is the Chambers Lead for North Worcestershire Locum Chambers and Shampa is the Chamber Lead for the South Worcestershire Locum Chamber. If you're interested in being part of any of these two chambers, or a chambers in the wider area, please apply via the LocumDeck login page and we'll get in touch to arrange a time to speak to you and answer any questions you have.

Worcs logo

West Suffolk Locum Chambers

My name is Richard Smith and I'm a GP locum in West Suffolk using LocumDeck, and I'm looking forward to getting a new chambers off the ground locally. Ali Lewis and her team at NASGP will be supporting us. If you're interested in being part of this, please apply via the LocumDeck login page and we'll get in touch to arrange a time to speak to you and answer any questions you have.

W Suffolk LOGO

NE Essex Locum Chambers

A new chambers for locums in North East Essex, run by the NASGP, launched January 15th 2020 and currently with two locum members.

NE Essex Locum Chambers

East Berkshire Locum Chambers

A new locum chambers in the Royal Borough area, launched January 21st 2020, for locums living in and around the Bracknell, Windsor, Ascot, Maidenhead and Slough area.

Royal Borough Locum Chambers

BOB Locum Chambers

We're a new team of eight local locums, some of us newly qualified, others mid-career, all working together across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West. Whilst there's only a few of us we're all meeting together, but as more join we'll be meeting separately as High Wycombe Locum Chamber, Oxford Locum Chambers and Aylesbury Locum Chamber.

BOB LocumDeck Chambers SQUARE

Launched December 2019

Sign in to LocumDeck to see and join NASGP's growing network of locum chambers across the UK.

NASGP's LocumDeck Chambers.

Since NASGP first developed the GP locum chambers model in 2002, we've been instrumental in supporting the development and growth of locum chambers around the UK.

And during 2018, we're be enhancing LocumDeck to become a sophisticated and affordable platform for any GP locums who want to set up and run their own chambers, using LocumDeck as your chamber's IT backbone and revenue-generating engine.

So as well as functioning as the existing comprehensive online GP locum and invoicing platform that already comes free with NASGP membership that our members already know and love, and as well as an Instant Book locum work booking platform, GP locums now have the opportunity to be part of a chambers too.

And to really get things moving, we're looking for a few small groups or locums to pioneer the first LocumDeck Chambers.

If you're interested in finding out more, please get in touch.

Broadly speaking, locum chambers can:

  • Provide educational programmes for local GPs (not just their members!), crowdsource local clinical information and spread best practice.
  • Employ experienced managers or clerks to take care of all non-clinical aspects of working as a locum GP (e.g. booking, confirming, rates negotiations, SEAs, complaints, cancellations, certificates, usernames/passwords etc), enabling the GPs to focus on providing clinical services.
  • Host regular member-only clinical governance meetings to discuss SEAs, complaints, best practice, underperforming practices, clinical cases, rates, strategy etc. And also regular social events for their members.
  • Support all aspects of appraisal relating to their members.
  • Create an environment that allows their GPs to have a flourishing portfolio career, including also working in salaried posts and as an intermediary position between GP partnerships.
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NHS England has realised the full potential of the model in terms of its ability to help support its commissioning agenda, and has released a paper to empower clinical commissioning groups to encourage or host locum GP chambers in their areas.

Locum Chambers Frequently Asked Questions

GP locum chambers is a collaborative model; rather than independent locums competing against each other, locums in chambers work together as a co-operative.

In chambers

  • All locums perform all their work through their chambers, so GP capacity is never an unknown.
  • Chambers can 'buffer' their GPs, allocating them to a practice at a time when need is most apparent e.g. Christmas and Easter.
  • GP locums naturally avoid working in difficult practices; the chambers infrastructure, and close-working and support from local CCGs and GP federations, can enable chambers locums to much better support failing practices.

Chambers are able to generate income through several mechanisms, either charging their members a percentage of their income from locum work, levying a charge on practices or receive funding from their local CCG or federation.

From this, they then have a budget to employ dedicated staff to organise in-house training - such as BLS or safeguarding - or regular programmes of evening education, open to all local GPs.

As chambers locums often perform all their locum work through the chambers, their management team act as a feedback conduit from employing practices, including the dreaded "We no longer want to book Dr X again" - as an independent locum, Dr X would be none the wiser, but in chambers they have the benefit of learning from this sort of event. Often, the practice that initiates this type of feedback learns something constructive about how to improve engagement with locums too.

Also, many chambers have monthly or bi-monthly internal clinical governance meetings as part of their conditions of membership, where all members meet up to discuss significant events and spread best practice.

See here for much more on chambers

Generally speaking, chambers locums continue to be self-employed, but with more organised support from the chambers manager and clinical leads, and can therefore continue to contribute to the NHS pension scheme.

Fees paid to your chamber are tax deductible. So long as it is analysed consistently, it doesn’t really matter how it's classified. For the tax return, if income is less than £85k (2019-20) it doesn’t get analysed out anyway; for those needing to show it on their tax return, I’d suggest putting it in either 'other office costs' or 'admin support' rather than 'professional subs' (which normally relates to membership of a professional body, rather than buying a specific service).

If you have an established relationship with a practice, the chamber will help you maintain that relationship.

  • Practices can ‘Favourite’ you and specifically book you.
  • Strengthen your security network in your chamber with an established pool of practices and GP locums working together; you have more security in finding alternative bookings if the practice’s requirements change and they no longer need your services - it happens, the flexibility of locuming cuts both ways! And it’s great to have the backup of the chamber management team, and intelligence from your peers, if you find yourself working in a new practice or want to expand your existing network.
  • The support you receive through your chambers will give you more free time, or more time to work if you choose.
  • Education and appraisal activities tend to take care of themselves when you’re in a chamber - all those group meetings, discussing cases, significant events and educational events - tend to be fertile ground for your appraisal. You may even find you have more time to take on other work in new practices.
  • Cross-cover for your practices when you’re absent - and likewise you’ll be cross-covering your locum colleagues’ practices when they’re absent. It’s a collaboration rather than a competition.

In spite of the chamber fee, many locums in chamber when surveyed report that they end up earning more working via the chamber than compared to being a freelance locum, because the wraparound professional and administrative services that the chamber fee enables frees up time and expands your opportunities to earn. Being in a chamber means that most of the day-to-day hassle of finding work, making bookings, managing your admin and setting up CPD and appraisal opportunities is removed for you. You can choose how to use the extra time and energy available to you. Some chamber locums, reassured by the moral support that the chamber brings, feel able to work more sessions and in a wider range of practices. Others find having the reassurance that their locum work is being well taken of in the background means they can focus on developing special clinical interests (all very welcome in a chamber) or even take on non-clinical roles as part of a portfolio career.

Remember that in a LocumDeck chamber, your pay rates for locum work are your business, set entirely by you to reflect what you see as your value to practices and to cover your needs.

The booking fee covers the cost of providing practices with a LocumDeck account through which they can transparently see your real-time bookable availability. The speed and convenience of being able to make an online booking with you in full possession of all the information about your credentials, terms, work schedule and pay rates that you have chosen to show them is game-changing. And practices get other time and cost saving benefits from LocumDeck - managing invoices and pension forms online; posting free job adverts; posting availability requests; access to an online Locum Induction Pack. The only fee the practices are charged for access to all these services is a per session booking fee which is designed to reflect their level of use of the platform. The fee is a fraction of what a practice would be charged to find locums via an agency. And given that a practice could book multiple sessions with you - all on your own terms and according to your own schedule - in one click, they are saving on the administrative costs of arranging work which can involve back and forth communications on agreeing terms and checking compliance documents.

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