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Meet the founders

Dr Richard Fieldhouse and Dr Sara Chambers explain how they started LocumDeck.


GP registrars

Still training to be a GP? Good news! You can join NASGP completely free of charge until you have finished training.

What’s more, we’ll even give you a further three months free after your CCT date, just while you get established.


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Remote GPs

GPs can use GPintheCloud through LocumDeck, so practices can now book remote consultations and admin support with us at no extra cost.

The GP locum uses their own home computer, connected with an NHS smartcard. Practices can even fast-track local GPs to join our pool of remote locums for free.


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What GPs say about LocumDeck

"LocumDeck really is brilliant. I've always relied on my own system - I never put my faith in any other system before LocumDeck.

But I was genuinely buzzing when I used it yesterday - how easy it was to use and how many other things it does. It will significantly change and improve my invoicing and end of the month. "

Dr Kathryn Furneaux, GP

"LocumDeck provides a one-stop, easy, pragmatic way to book, invoice and control my GP locum sessions. It cuts out unnecessary dealings with profit-making locum agencies. NASGP provides a wonderful resource to support GP locums above and beyond LocumDeck including informative videos on all aspects of GP locuming including pensions, NASGP Locum Chambers, CPD and more. "

Dr Mike Woodbridge, GP, Lancashire

GP Locum FAQs

Can I Instant Book some, but not all, of my practices?

That is absolutely fine. You switch on ‘Book me’ at the level of each individual practice, selecting which session/s and rates you want to work for them.

Use the ‘Activate’ toggle to show practices your Instant Book availability.

How do I use LocumDeck to find NHS GP jobs?

There are a few of ways you can use LocumDeck to find GP locum jobs in the UK.

You can look for GP locum and salaried GP jobs, both in GP practices near you and by exploring GP jobs at new practices.

Find NHS salaried GP jobs

LocumDeck has a GP jobs board that’s private to GPs and GP practices. Login to see the GP vacancies near you and across the UK.

Login to LocumDeck to browse GP jobs near you. 

Find NHS GP locum jobs near you

LocumDeck has a smart way of booking designed by GP locums which means you don’t have to find work – the work finds you. It’s called Instant Book.

With Instant Book, you don’t have to wait for job alerts from practices. Instead, you set up your terms and profile, tell your chosen practices how you want to work and add your availability to LocumDeck’s calendar. Your practices can review your terms and credentials then book you instantly.

Practices like the efficiency of not having to post alerts and wait for responses, and you get the work you want on your terms, with minimal hassle and fewer booking errors.

Our LocumDeck Setup Guides have a step-by-step introduction, ‘Get booked by practices‘, which can get you started.


GPs can also look out for ‘Availability requests’ from local practices.

If a practice on LocumDeck needs cover but no locums have made themselves available for pre-set instant booking on the dates they need, the practice can send out an Availability request, to all GP locums on LocumDeck within a 45-minute radius.

GP locums can quickly respond by clicking on the request on the calendar, and selecting a session to offer for booking. The practice gets notified when a GP locum responds. The practice can review the GP’s LocumDeck profile and terms, and book you right away.

Join our free three-month trial to browse jobs and sessions.

Portrait Of Young GP Locum Looking At Camera Smiling With Confident And Positive Lifestyle Concept At Cafe Background

Find GP jobs through NASGP Locum Chambers

You can also find GP locum jobs in NASGP’s network of NASGP Locum Chambers across the UK.

GP locum chambers were first conceived in 2002 when a group of 30 NASGP GP locum group leads from across the UK met at the RCGP head office in London one rainy Saturday, and came up with a model whereby GP locums could work as part of a team.

NASGP Locum Chambers are small, independent groups of local self-employed locum GPs all working together through a shared management and clinical governance structure to support NHS GP practices and locums to maintain, and in some cases improve, local GP services.

We run NASGP Locum Chambers in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, the Frimley area, Hertfordshire, Essex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Gloucestershire and dozens of other areas. Look for an NASGP Locum Chambers near you to find GP locum jobs in your area.

Join for free to browse jobs and sessions on LocumDeck today – no credit card needed.

Can practices book me directly on LocumDeck?

Yes. We designed LocumDeck for you to set your own locum sessions and show availability to practices you choose to link with so they can book you directly. You don’t have to find work or wait for requests from practices – you can plan ahead, set your terms, then the work you want finds you. We call it Instant Book.

You can also see practices’ requests for cover. If you don’t want to use Instant Book, you can add your own bookings to your calendar too.

Our Setup Guide called Get booked by practices shows you how to set up for Instant Booking.

If you are in NASGP Locum Chambers, Instant Book will be the main way you get the work you want quickly and with minimal day to day hassle. The Chambers Managers support and oversee the process and help you and the practices with any complexities e.g. queries, cancellations, complaints, and special requests.

Can I add my own bookings to LocumDeck?

Yes, you can. Our short video shows you how.

And you can confirm sessions too.

What are NASGP’s membership tiers?

As a fully-qualified GP, you can choose from two levels of NASGP membership.


Membership supports you for just £12 a month, with a booking fee of £15 per session (pre-set instant bookings only, £11 for remote sessions).

NASGP Locum Chambers

NASGP Locum Chambers make you part of a respected team for just £35 a month, plus £11/session for the first 20 sessions/month.

You can try LocumDeck for free first.

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