LocumDeck means more opportunities and more control

LocumDeck is the best way to secure work and manage work – while keeping you in control.

Created by NASGP in collaboration with practices, it makes the booking process easier for you and the practices you work with. We understand GP locums’ needs. We know you want to work on your own terms and have everything coordinated. LocumDeck is the essential tool for running your business efficiently and safely, the way you want to.

Get yourself seen

Present your professional credentials to practices.

Pre-set your availability for more bookings

Show practices your availability and terms so they can make perfectly matched bookings in an instant, without waiting for your confirmation. You’ll also get live alerts about work opportunities. Booking fees apply if you find work using this service. Fees are reduced and capped for Membership Plus and NASGP Locum Chambers.

No need for agencies

We put you in control. It’s better for you and more cost-effective for practices.

Better communication and information

Be ready for work. Ensure clear communication with practices.

On your terms

Set out your prices, terms and conditions from the start, and have all the documentation in place.

Automatic invoicing and pension forms

Never lose track again. Keep on top of all your sessions and billing.

Locum groups and forums

Connect with peers online or at meet-ups.

Pensions calculations and book-keeping

Stay on top of the important documents that can get forgotten. Keep everything coordinated and up-to-date.

“I’m an established locum and I like my independence“

“I arrange my own work with my regular practices – but I’d like to hear about new opportunities to fill gaps in my work diary and keep my options open if work at my regular practices dries up. Sometimes there are misunderstandings with practices about what work has been agreed. So I can see that having a system where I can share my own terms and booking confirmations could help my sessions run more smoothly and improve my relationships with practices. Plus it’s always good to save time on admin.”

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“I’d like a way to find sessions that work for me.”

“I fit my locum work around family commitments and a job at my CCG. I have a few practices I know well who contact me when they need me. But I often find I can’t fill my available 5 sessions a week because it’s difficult to get work that fits around my commitments. I can’t always respond quickly to calls or messages from the practices. And my few regular practices often need sessions that don’t fit my availability.”

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“I want to keep my independence and be part of a supportive team.”

“I was previously a partner but it became overwhelming. I’ve arranged locum work directly with practices and via a WhatsApp group. But there have been problems – one practice put me on call which I hadn’t expected. Having support and joining a network of local doctors would save me time, help me make safer bookings and let me focus on the clinical work – which is what I really enjoy and where I can be most valuable to practices and patients.”

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The LocumDeck platform is exclusively for NASGP members

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"I have been working with NASGP as the main source of income since graduating. I can't recommend them more highly for newly-graduated GPs. They helped me with setting my terms and conditions and they even arranged a tutorial session about EMIS, as the system was new to me.

LocumDeck is a great help when it comes to organising sessions, pension forms and invoices for tax purposes.

NASGP was particularly supportive during the Covid-19 period. It recognised the effect it had on locum work, temporarily waived the already small fee on sessions and were keen on getting the members together in regular video meetings.

I'm a satisfied member of NASGP. "

Dr Nazar Ahmed

LocumDeck for GP locums