NASGP podcast

Podcast: GP locuming in New Zealand with Dr Jennie Ferrie

In this episode, Dr Ferrie shares her journey from the UK to New Zealand, detailing the nuances of GP locum work in rural areas, the challenges of adapting to a different healthcare system, and the lifestyle benefits of living in New Zealand.

Podcast: Dr George Moncrieff on dermatology in GP

Dr Moncrieff gives advice on prescribing for tinea incognito, discoid eczema, rosacea and other common derma conditions in GP.

Tax tips and tricks for GP locums and salaried GPs

Join Richard Fieldhouse and Tori Ferguson as they delve into the world of tax advice for GP locums in this episode of the Art of GP Locuming podcast.

Video, podcast: Dr Sam Merriel, prostate cancer – GP update

Listen or watch Dr Merriel's presentation, thanks to Prostate Cancer UK.

Video and podcast: Ovarian cancer as an abdominal cancer

Join Dr Eloise Elphinstone, a GP with a special interest in women's health, as she provides an insightful update on ovarian cancer.

Podcast: Cancer – early diagnosis, personalised care

This talk is a valuable resource for primary care professionals seeking to enhance cancer care.

Podcast: Dr Amy Small – locuming and activism

Welcome to our latest episode, where we dive into the inspiring world of Dr Amy Small.

Podcast – GP update: Feno testing/asthma (2023)

Listen to Dr Andy Whittamore of Asthma + Lung UK.

Am I burning out? Video and podcast

What are the signs and symptoms for GPs, and what can you do about it?

Podcast | Diagnosis and management of actinic keratosis by Dr Tony Downs

We are joined by Dr Tony Downs for a talk on the management of actinic keratosis.

Podcast | Dr Tina Peers – Management of the menopause

Dr Tina Peers joins us from The Menopause Consultancy in a talk to 40 NASGP members, followed by a Q&A. View Tina's slides, or view on YouTube.

A doctor’s review of Netflix’s ‘My Love’

Judith Harvey speaks to Richard Fieldhouse about the seventh age of man and her latest article on the NASGP website.

The health of the nation: who’s keeping score?
Podcast | What was it like when Covid-19 struck Wuhan?

Judith Harvey speaks to Dr Richard Fieldhouse about her article on the critically-acclaimed documentary '76 days', shot during the very first days of the pandemic.

Podcast | How GP locums handle difficult consultations

GP locum Dr Leila Saeed talks to NASGP chairman Dr Richard Fieldhouse about managing difficult consultations, from Leila’s article 1st March 2021.

Podcast | The Sessional GP Magazine August 2020

Victoria is sceptical about the rollout of remote consultations, and Richard has similar feelings about locum banks; Rachel has advice about the coming winter and Liz debunks some myths about ‘overtime’

Podcast | The Sessional GP Magazine June 2020
Ensuring a locum GP is a self-employed contractor, not an employee

There are a number of important differences between employees and self-employed contractors

Podcast | The Sessional GP Magazine February 2020
Podcast | The Sessional GP Magazine December 2019
Podcast | October 2019 magazine out now

Alacoque describes a legal case where a locum's tax status was different to their legal status, Rachel's being a Good Samaritan, Judith's been looking at therapeutic spaces, Louise has summarised the Nice hypertension guidelines for us, plus much more.

Podcast | Quiet please
Podcast | The Sessional GP magazine August 2019

In our 108th edition, Judith makes a noise about being quiet, Liz summarises everything a newly qualified GP needs to know about getting their tax in order, Nigel helps us plan for when our offspring go off to university, Louise has been making sense of LFTs and Rachel has something to teach us about learning.

Podcast | Now wash your hands

Presumably a reasonably successful public health campaign, although if you are trapped like a sardine in a rush-hour tube train, you may have no alternative but to sneeze into the shoulder of the person jammed in front of you.