Membership FAQs

How can I find out more about NASGP Locum Chambers?

Whether you’re a GP locum, GP practice or primary care organisation, our NASGP Locum Chambers page gives you plenty of useful information. If you need to know more, please email us at

If I’m on maternity or paternity leave, can I take a payment holiday?

Yes, your membership is completely free while you’re on parenting leave – and you’ll want to stay with us, as you’re likely to need support when you return to work after your parental leave.

Let us know you’re going on leave and want to take a payment holiday by contacting us and we’ll look after your membership while you’re off work.

I’m a member of staff at a GP practice. How can I sign up and register for access to LocumDeck?

Simply go to our GP practices page to register for LocumDeck – for free. You’ll need to tell us which practice you mainly work in. Also, having your practice’s ODS code or postcode will make registration easier.

Are my membership fee tax-deductible expenses?

Yes, NASGP is approved by HMRC as a professional organisation, and you can claim tax relief on your membership subscriptions. This GOV.UK page tells you more (we’re listed under ‘S’ as ‘Sessional GPs National Association of’).

Booking fees are also tax deductible, as they’re an expense incurred in doing your job.

What payment methods can I use for my NASGP fees?

You’ll pay your monthly membership fees by direct debit – through GoCardless, a trusted, easy-to-use provider. If you use LocumDeck to publish your availability and terms and take bookings directly from practices, we’ll send you invoices for the booking fees covering the sessions you’ve worked each month. You will also pay these invoices by direct debit, keeping everything simple and convenient.

Can I join as a GP in training?

Yes, and it’s completely free. So you get a helping hand in the early stages of your career, with no financial commitment. Find out more.

What if I move to a new area?

LocumDeck can help you find practices to work in. Its list of practices shows each one’s distance from your home, and the direct booking feature lets you set your working boundaries for each practice – for example, while you get used to the area, you might prefer to limit your session types (shorter sessions, longer consultations, no on-call, etc) and then broaden your horizons as you gain confidence and familiarity. Also, if you’re feeling isolated, with our Membership Plus you’ll be able to join or set up a locum group. Or joining NASGP Locum Chambers would offer you a more complete solution to the challenges of working alone.

If I’m already getting lots of work as a GP locum, how else can LocumDeck help me?

Even if you’re well established, you’ll still find LocumDeck extremely useful:

  • You can save significant admin time by using the invoicing and bookkeeping functions, and automated pension forms.
  • You can also make and confirm your own bookings, and create a clear record of the agreed session details, for you and each practice.
  • Most importantly, you can protect against the uncertainty of work flows by widening the range of practices you’re in touch with.

Can I use LocumDeck to make my own bookings?

Yes. If you have Membership, you have the flexibility to make your own bookings while still getting work-request alerts from practices and taking online bookings.

If a practice books me on LocumDeck, and I then take a permanent job there, are there any restrictions or financial consequences?

No. Unlike an agency or some other online platforms, we don’t have exclusivity clauses or introduction fees that could prevent you taking a position at the practice in the future.

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