New on LocumDeck - practices can now advertise locum sessions by adding dates and times to their online LocumDeck calendar.

Transforming the connection between flexible GPs and busy practices

LocumDeck is part of our evolving Practeus platform - NASGP’s online platform for general practice, and the GP-developed embodiment of NASGP’s twenty year commitment to supporting sessional GPs and promoting safety and quality by fostering good working relationships between practices and GP locums.

LocumDeck is an easy-to-use yet sophisticated online tool that gives GP locums full control over how they work and, when using the Instant Book option, gives the locum and practice everything they need to book GP locums instantly. It reduces booking errors, avoids   misunderstandings, saves precious time, and opens up much-needed GP capacity.

Where LocumDeck efficiently and safely engages GP locums, the Standardised Practice Information Portal (Spip) component of Practeus then welcomes and inducts these often isolated GP locums into an ecosystem of practice-specific information presented in an easy-to-navigate standardised format and shared by all GP staff within the practice and across networks of practices and CCGs.

Share easily.
Book instantly.
Work safely.

LocumDeck really is brilliant – I’ve always relied on my own system – never put my faith in any other system – but was genuinely buzzing when I used it yesterday – how easy it was to use and how many other things it does. It will significantly change and improve my invoicing and end of the month!
Dr Kathryn Furneaux, May 2017

LocumDeck offers...

Invoicing & bookkeeping

At its simplest level, LocumDeck helps you organise your basic locum admin

  • Simple online invoicing and automatic generation of pension forms.
  • Keep a track of your mileage, expenses and earnings.
  • Generate accountant-friendly reports from LocumDeck’s Bookkeeper in preparation for your accounts and tax return.

Management of your own bookings

Having a clear, written agreement of the work to be carried out is one of the steps to a safe session, and LocumDeck has this ethos at the heart of its design

  • Generate your own T&Cs using NASGP’s terms and conditions picker - or upload your own if you wish.
  • Choose which of your professional credentials to display to practices.
  • Confirm your work using LocumDeck’s smart session confirmation system, leaving a clear audit trail of work agreed. Practices on LocumDeck can see a summary of your bookings and invoices.
  • Keep track of your work by synchronising LocumDeck’s calendar with your devices

Links with practices

Practices can join NASGP too, with full access to Practeus - all for free - allowing:

  • Synchronisation of all sessions and invoices with you through LocumDeck. And - should you allow a practice - to book you direct via Instant Book.
  • Access to essential practice-specific information about services and policies through access to their Standardised Practice Information Portal (Spip), ensuring you have everything you need to work effectively and efficiently in their practice.

Instant Book

The Instant Book feature allows you to decide when, where and how you want to work and share your real-time Committed Availability with any practices you choose.

  • For each practice, you can specify in great detail the type of work you are prepared to carry out with them, at what times and at what rates.
  • You pro-actively plan and add your Committed Availability to your calendar, so you can make considered decisions about your working patterns rather than having to make rushed decisions reactively in response to enquiries.
  • Each of your authorised practices can only 'see' the potential availability that you allow them to that fits within your availability.
    • E.g. you make yourself available in your calendar to work from 8 am to 6 pm. You have a favourite, familiar practice which is 10 min drive from your doorstep so you have authorised them to ‘see’ that they can Instant Book an 8am to 6pm on call session. In contrast, another practice is 30 minutes drive away; you are less familiar with their procedures and don’t like working there in the afternoon as the practice nurse leaves at 2pm. So you limit your Instant Book sessions with them to 9am - 1pm.
  • Practices can see your Credentials and your full Term and Conditions alongside your session availability to inform their booking decision.
  • Once an Instant Booking is made, your calendar is updated and you are notified by text and email confirmation.
  • It is liberating to pro-actively plan when you want to work at your own pace and watch the bookings roll in, without any of the inconvenience of having to respond to booking enquiries at times that don’t suit you and having to negotiate terms and rates.

T&Cs tailored to each practice

LocumDeck's richness and ease of use now brings so much control to GP locums that you can now specifically define and, just as importantly, keep track of every single booking's agreement.

In terms of T&Cs for specific practices, and specific sessions, the way we've enabled that is to allow the locum to specify these preferences in about five different places to state specific terms.

Terms & Conditions - Settings >> T&Cs

  • Firstly, in your T&Cs, in each section, we have an 'other' button. Click that, and type "See specific session confirmation for further information", or words to that effect.

Defining and adding new sessions Sessions >> Setting types and rates.

  • On-call
    • Specifically select a type of session that is 'on-call'.
  • Number of patients etc
    • Customise the name of sessions, which is where we see a lot of our locums call a session "17 patients at 10 mins", for example.
  • Visits
    • Mark whether you are prepared to carry out home visits.

Making a booking Bookings >> Add new

  • Another opportunity to customise the name of sessions under "Name and description of session you want to appear on email confirmation"
  • Add specific session definitions in "Notes to appear in confirmation email"

In each practice's address book Settings >> Practice

  • This is used a lot by our members who are using Instant Book. Click on Practice statement and notes and specify specific T&C for that practice. So when a practice is making that booking, they will see exactly what you're prepared to do in your session.

Choose how to use LocumDeck

It’s up to you. You can just use it for quickly generating invoices, with automatic pension forms. Or in advance of the session, use it to ensure you have a booked session audit trail, complete with full online calendar that both you and the practice have access to. Or use LocumDeck’s full potential to allow practices to book you direct using Instant Book.

I’m an established GP locum and I’ve already got lots of work in my ‘regular’ practices...

There’s still a lot LocumDeck can do for you:

  • Save significant amounts of admin time using the invoicing and automated pension forms and Bookkeeper in LocumDeck. You might even find you have time and energy for more locum work!
  • Make your own bookings on LocumDeck and use the confirmation system so you and each practice have a clear record of the agreed session details. Once a session is in your calendar, you can build confirmation emails in seconds.
  • Spread your net with LocumDeck
    • You never know when a practice’s needs will change - all of a sudden that practice you’ve worked in for a couple of years doesn’t need you anymore and there’s a black hole in your work calendar.
    • LocumDeck can allow you to link with local practices, and Instant Book is a great tool for spreading your bets and making yourself available to new practices. You’re in control of what type of sessions and workload you make available to the practice, so if you don’t want to risk accepting a 10 hour on-call shift without having worked at a particular practice before, then you can tailor your terms accordingly.

I’m a GP partner nearing retirement and I’d like to do some locum work…

Welcome onboard! LocumDeck can help you with the logistical and administrative aspects of being a locum to complement the wealth of experience you have as a partner. Spip, also part of Practeus and provided free to practices, comes with LocumPack, giving practices a framework to help orientate you in unfamiliar practices. NASGP membership - which you sign up for to continue using LocumDeck - also comes with full access to the website (up to 700 pages of news, articles on risk management from our friends at MPS, money matters, locum specific perspective on clinical guidelines etc) and AppraisalAid

I’m a GP with a portfolio career and other commitments...

LocumDeck, and in particular the Instant Book feature, will be perfect in allowing you to plan ahead: ‘Block availability’ for your commitments, ‘Add availability’ for locum work around them and set clear boundaries on your availability and the sessions you are offering. Your chosen practices are notified when you activate Instant Book for them so, next time they need a locum, they can log in to LocumDeck and check your availability. Making a booking takes the practice seconds and means you secure a confirmed booking without the inconvenience of having to respond to booking enquiries and negotiate terms and rates at times that don’t suit you.

I’m a new GP in the area...

Welcome onboard! LocumDeck can help you find practices to work in, whether you’re checking out practices to find a substantive post or you want to locum longer term.

  • LocumDeck’s ‘global’ list of practices shows a practice’s distance from your home, alongside their clinical IT system.
  • Instant Book allows you to define your safe working boundaries at an individual practice level; while you get used to the area and the different practice settings, you might prefer to limit your session types (e.g. shorter sessions, longer consultations, no on call etc) and then spread your wings as you gain confidence and familiarity.

What does it cost?

You get a 6 week trial free as an Associate member, which you can extend if you need more time. After that, you have to be a full NASGP member at £11 per month. Sessions booked by the practice using Instant Book also attract a charge of 5% of the session fee that you’ve specified, that you can either absorb into your tax-deductible costs or reflect in your session rates

Key concepts

This is central to how Instant Book works. By the GP locum fully committing to all sessions that they make available for Instant Book to specific practices that they choose within LocumDeck, those chosen practices can be assured that all the locum availability that’s shown to practices is completely accurate.

GP locums get to set the parameters around their availability in great detail; from defining which practices they are willing to work in, when they want to work, and the duties and workload they are prepared to undertake in each practice setting.

Committed Availability removes the need for practices and locums to undertake discussions by phone or email, reduces the chances of double-bookings, misunderstandings or other problems occurring on the day. It allows GP locums to use their professional judgement in setting the boundary around what work they feel they can safely carry out in each practice.

LocumDeck is unique in its ability to allow GP locums to define every significant parameter concerning their acceptance of a session at any given practice, even taking into account average rush-hour travel times between practices.

Having defined these parameters, and manually activated the capability for each individual practice to instantly book them, the GP locum can then define any dates and times on their own personal calendar within LocumDeck - Committed Availability - and undertake a declaration to commit to a booking should the practice book them directly through LocumDeck using Instant Book.

This only applies if the session is booked by the practice using Instant Book, and is charged to the locum. As a GP locum, you can still use LocumDeck to manage all your bookings, including our automated one-click confirmation process, without paying anything more than your NASGP membership fee.

When GP locums are defining their sessional or hourly rates in their LocumDeck settings, they are free to define two versions: their usual rate, and an Instant Book rate that reflects the 5% service charge. Then, against each practice within their LocumDeck settings, apply the Instant Book session.

Therefore, when a practice finds a suitable match, they have the option to either book and confirm the GP locum straight away using Instant Book, or, if the locum has declared in their practice statement that they are prepared to accept enquiries, they can instead contact the locum via phone or email where the locum can then book the session on LocumDeck manually and avoid the 5% service charge.

We firmly believe that there should be no restriction on GP locums being asked by practices to become regular employed GPs or partners. NASGP does not impose any form of restrictive or exclusivity 'Trojan Horse' clause on either practices or GP locums, which could result in the practice being liable to pay the agency or platform some 15% of the employed GPs salary for one year.

Instead, practices and GPs can be reassured that they are free to offer salaried posts or partnerships without any financial penalty whatsoever. In fact, we encourage practices to use LocumDeck as a means of identifying future substantive staff!

LocumDeck puts GPs in the driving seat. The rising demand in general practice has pushed GPs into working conditions that many feel are eroding safety and are beyond the limit of human endurance to be making well-judged, safety-critical decisions. We feel that that the person who is doing the work and taking clinical responsibility is best placed to decide their safe working boundaries.

In allowing GPs to tailor their terms and workload for each practice setting, which by definition the practice has to accept to make a booking, the Instant Book feature of LocumDeck gives professional autonomy in setting safe working boundaries.

Picture this; at a calm moment, with a cup of tea on hand, you sit down with your online calendar to plan your working patterns for the next few months.

First, you add all those important non-work commitments like holidays and family events. LocumDeck’s calendar clash feature will now block you from inadvertently adding any work into these slots without a big red warning message appearing.

Then you build your work availability around these. For each available slot you add, remember that a practice only ‘sees’ the specific session type you have set up for them that fits within the availability you define.

And then, that’s it! No more day to day hassle of responding reactively to booking enquiries and having to make rushed decisions ‘on the go’. No negotiating over rates or terms - the practice has already accepted your pre-defined terms in making the booking.

So you just wait for the confirmation emails, notification texts and your booking calendar to fill up with work within the professional framework that you have designed and have had full control over. And generating invoices and pension forms literally takes one-click, with the practice also getting their own summary on their LocumDeck.

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