Elementary my dear doctor

My main pastimes —reading and on-demand television — have no doubt influenced my practice through the so-called “halo effect”. Paul Kalanithi’s book “When Breath becomes Air” forced me to re-evaluate my work-life balance, while the Netflix series “House of Cards” led me to imagine that I was the victim of an intricate work-based conspiracy involving…
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Fringe medicine

Medics have a long-standing relationship with the annual August circus that is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Medical students reprise their pantomimes as reviews. Specialty registrars mine their store of horror stories to test whether a career in theatrical stand-up would be more rewarding than a career standing up in an operating theatre – former obstetrician…
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Podcast | The sessional Magazine October 2018

Dr Richard Fieldhouse and Dr Sara Chambers review the latest edition of The Sessional GP Magazine. In our 103rd edition, Richard finishes off his series on learning from mistakes in healthcare; Judith has been to Edinburgh Fringe; Louise reviews dementia management; Rachel gives the lowdown and death certification; Nigel on the worth of the NHS…
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Are you another victim of the attention economy?

Are we turning into 'phone zombies'? Zoning in on our phones may mean we're zoning out on a more fulfilling life. Kate Little from explains the risks, and how to win our lives back. “Mummy, you’re not listening” my son says. “Mmmm. Sorry, I have just got to reply to this e-mail and I’ll…
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Home visits, the decline 
of the roving doctor

When I was training to be a GP, my tutor showed me a painting by Sir Luke Fildes called “The Doctor”. Its significance was lost to me in those fun-filled days of team-building exercises and group learning, however I remembered it again recently when I was asked to fill out an insurance report for one…
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Gauging stress before the crash

Ever had that feeling that you have too many things to do, all of them important, that you don’t quite know where to start? Kate Little looks at ways of recognising when your stress levels are getting too high. That feeling that if someone asks you to do one more thing, you are not sure…
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