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Just because GPs receive little or no specific training on how to work as a locum, doesn't mean it wouldn't have come in very useful.

From managing your locum practise, avoiding risk, working in dozens of different surgeries from the uber-organised to the downright chaotic, handing over care and creating an excellent rapport with patients requires a lot of skill. And every craftsman requires tools. So NASGP have produced a huge range of practical, adaptable forms to help you in your day-to-day work.

Locum tools

Funding for locum appraisal was withdrawn by the NHS in 2013, but that doesn't mean you can't try claiming it from a CCG or other local PCO.

Here are two spreadsheets for you to use and customise to work out what sort of rates you should be charging, as well as the original rates advice.

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NB you can now set your T&Cs online in NASGP's LocumDeck.

If you're doing any sort of locum work, you'll definitely need your own personalised Terms and Conditions that will protect both you and the practice you're working for. NASGP's model T&Cs has been specifically developed for us by a specialist employme law firm, and allows you to not only fully adopt all its recommendations, but also to add any necessary clauses, and tailor it to suit your personal needs.

  • cancellation policy
  • employer's pension contributions
  • legal employment status
  • tax status
  • duties
  • payment terms

As an NASGP member, go to your T&Cs generator, choose your settings and then save. You'll then be given a unique link "View my TCs" which will automatically be added to your automated invoices and session request emails, or you can paste the link into your own website.

As an added bonus, you can update your T&Cs as often as you like, with each change being saved in an archive accessible by your practices for extra confidence.

Working in different practices, do you ever get that 4am brain worm about a patient you saw the day before? At NASGP, we're used to this experience, so have developed a tool that may not only keep those brain worms away but also help you improve patient care and help generate evidence for appraisal.


Pesky little buggers...

Pesky little buggers...

It's imperative that all GP locums receive a flu vaccine at the earliest opportunity to prevent us acting as an unsuspecting viral vectors as we move from practice to practice, typically working in 30 different practices a year.

As GP locums, we are arguably at our most needed during flu season, so it's in everyone's interest that we all get vaccinated.

Since 2016, it's also in a practices interest, since NHS England are incentivising practices to vaccinate 75% of all their front line staff.

Fortunately, employing surgeries are often fairly obliging when it comes to vaccinating ocus, and it really doesn't cost that much to get a shot from local chemist. But if you're minded to get it for, this download, even if it doesn't get you the money, will at least raise this as an issue.

You can now automatically add this to your T&Cs in NASGP's LocumDeck.

Locum toolkitDo you get your own username and password when signing into practice computers? Sick of always being signed in under various combinations of ‘LOCUM1/DRL/LARRYLOCUM’? Perplexed as to how it’s your first time at the practice but looks like you (DRLOCUM) have seen this patient twice already this month? Irritated because you can’t work out who all the other freelance GPs are who’ve already seen this patient? Demoralised for not having the fundamental means for recording auditable medical notes? Struck off for never having officially been enabled to record a consultati…OK, you get the idea.

passwordSecret passwords and usernames are essential to working as a GP – recording contemporaneous medical information in the patient’s notes is a vital part of clinical management; and a medico-legal requirement. And if your password isn’t secret, and call me paranoid, someone else could falsify records in your name. So how come freelance GPs are so rarely given their own? Come on chaps, stand your ground and insist on one! Some of the clinical systems are pretty easy to set up, whereas others aren’t. For example, the procedure for setting up passwords on Microtest can be quite tricky. So we’ve been working with them (and what nice people they are) to make the procedure easier.

Meanwhile, here is a download to place under the noses of any defaulting practices.



With over a thousand downloads, we've now automated our manual invoice and is now all part of LocumDeck.

There's an awful lot of confusion and inconsistency about what training is statutory, what is 'required', what is needed and what a practice wants or expects.

But what we do know is that NHS appraisal is a statutory requirement, so we have provided a template for you to adjust to your own needs, sign, and give to any practice who asks for it to reassure them that your NHS appraiser is satisfied that you are fulfilling any necessary requirements to practise as a GP.


With pressure for appointments increasing, it can be difficult to ensure that a patient of concern has access to the follow-up you had intended. Try using this form to flag up to reception when a patient really needs review.



Locums work in anything up to 40 different practices a year, and capturing feedback is a great way for practices to benefit from our wide range of experience and seeing everything with a fresh pair of eyes.

Part of NASGP's Spip Toolkit


Podcast on locum GP exit feedback


More tools for practice managers



We used to provide a very popular (over 1,700 downloads!) comprehensive pre-formatted NHS superannuation spreadsheet, complete with invoicing capabilities and expenses. Trouble is, it needed updating every year, and being a spreadsheet, was clunky to say the least.

Which is one of the main reason's we've produced LocumDeck  - completely free to NASGP members - our online automated pension form generator, including invoicing, bookkeeping, T&Cs, document manager and online 'Instant Book' booking platform.

Want to get some feedback from a practice, and even use it as a reference? We've developed a new online electronic form to make this a lot easier.

Simply send this page's link to the GP or practice manager you want a reference or feedback from, and we'll do the rest!

Locumdeck's Bookkeeper updates itself completely automatically from the rich information generated from all the travelling and locum work you do, and also allows you to add other financial data too to cover all your self-employed work. At any time, you can export any data you need, and also generate a smart financial report for your accountant or financial advisor.

Bookkeeper is integrated into LocumDeck - click on the Bookkeeper tab at any time to integrate the pages of information within.


  • Smart session counter to help you work out the number of 4-hour equivalent sessions for indemnity purposes.
  • Number of sessions worked.
  • Total amount earned.
  • Breakdown of employer pension contributions.
  • 'Reimbursed' travel costs as applicable (not part of your pensionable pay).
  • Paid/unpaid status of invoices.
  • PDF copies of all invoices and automatically completed Locum A and B forms.
  • Mileage (automatic)
    • Between home and practice
    • Between practices
    • Individual journey details


  • Cremation fees
  • Medical reports
  • Private work
  • Lecturing
  • Appraisal
  • Work invoiced outside of LocumDeck
  • etc
  • Export reports
    • Fees
    • Earnings (by date worked)
    • Invoices and pension contributions
    • Mileage
  • Mileage (manually added)
    • Visits
    • Other work travel
  • Expenses
    • Subscriptions
    • CPD
    • Admin expenses
    • Travel expenses (other than mileage)
    • etc

So much of Bookkeeper has been made possible from generous feedback from our existing users of LocumDeck and the support of Liz Desnely and her team from Honey Barrett.


Even as a GP locum there are some simple and affordable steps you can take to reduce the risk of losing out financially if you can't work through illness.

Your ability to receive income whilst off work through ill health whilst working as a GP locum very much depends on your employment status i.e. whether you're an employee, self-employed or 'worker'.

Remember that your legal employment status is something that is not necessarily determined by you, and is different to your tax employment status and your NHS pension employment status.

This FAQ is from the perspective of being a GP locum in the same practice for a 'long time', rather than about choosing working as a GP locum as part of your career portfolio.

It explains it from four different perspectives - NHS pension scheme, HMRC tax perspective, employment law and 'mission creep', and there's even an audio podcast too.

View FAQ

I work for a locum agency

I'm self-employed

  • If you're locuming in different practices using your own Terms and Conditions, managing your own bookings and determining the way within which you work, either manually or through platforms like LocumDeck, then your employment status is likely to fall within the self-employed status.
  • In which case, you don't qualify for SSP in that role.
  • But if you already have a Locum Insurance Policy, then this could cover you for up to £3,000 a week or 75% of your earnings for a year if you’re ill or injured and can’t work.

I work for an online locum platform

What about Permanent Health Insurance and Critical Illness Cover?

These are policies for much longer long-term benefits.

Should locum and salaried GPs get income insurance?


Practice tools

Are you a sessional GP?

In which case, please join our Facebook group (clicking on this link opens a new tab).

Download this template and adjust it to suit your practice's own needs.

We recommend printing it out (maybe as the b-side on the back of other patient information?) to be handed out to patients as they arrive.

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Home visits are some of the most complicated activities that GPs do. Away from electronic records, usually after a busy surgery, through traffic, to sick or frail patients, often with multiple problems and anxious carers.

Our template helps you make the whole process go much more smoothly.

And don't forget, your Spip practice pack can be accessed via smartphone too.


More tools for practice managers



These allow clinicians to make a physical record of every consultation that needs referral, reducing the likelihood of a referral going missing.


More tools for practice managers



To get the most out of your freelance GPs and minimise stress to your practice staff and disruption for patients, it is helpful to have the following in place in time for your GPs to smoothly start their session.


More tools for practice managers





The best person to let you know when a room needs reequipping is the last person that used it. Print some of these out and pin to each room's notice board.


More tools for practice managers





Patients usually prefer to see their usual GP, but that's not always possible. So it can be really handy to give them a good explaination of what a locum GP is, and how actually seeing a locum could be advantageous too.


More tools for practice managers





Locums work in anything up to 40 different practices a year, and capturing feedback is a great way for practices to benefit from our wide range of experience and seeing everything with a fresh pair of eyes.

Part of NASGP's Spip Toolkit


Podcast on locum GP exit feedback


More tools for practice managers



IT systems

If you come across any more up-to-date Emis Web videos, please get in contact and we can add them here.

Want to get to grips with the basics of Vision? Sign up for five free Vision training modules, covering navigation, recording data, prescribing, results, referring and DocMan attachments.


We asked David Hindmarsh from GP Templates Ltd to see if he could add some locum induction templates to his ever-growing SystmOne YouTube channel, and he's willingly obliged.

Below we've embedded David's 'basics' YouTube channel, and by clicking on the arrow in the top left hand corner, you can easily see David's other SystmOne videos as and when they're added.

Don't see what you're looking for in the NASGP locum toolkit, or have a request? Leave a comment below and we'll get back to you.