Setting up and running a sessional GP group

When we set up the NASGP in 1997 there were only 7 Sessional GP groups in the UK, so we made it our main objective to encourage as many new groups to start as possible. Now there are over 100 such groups and chambers with an estimated combined membership of around 4,000 Sessional GPs.

Almost without exception, these are run by local volunteers who do so because of the huge difference it makes to the professional – and often social – lives of their colleagues. Helping members get jobs, learn about local services, discuss problems and issues and share best practice are just some of the really important functions of these groups. In the world of General Practice, Sessional GP Group leaders are our heroes!

If you already run a group, or if you’d like to support or be more involved with your current group, or even set one up yourself or with others, we’re sure you’ll find our guide to setting up and running a group a really helpful tool to hopefully help you get even more out of working with fellow Sessional GPs.

You can download our guide on how to set up and run a sessional GP group here, and really hope that your local group is something you’d want to become even more involved with.