Video: Dr Varun Anand – adult obesity and weight management

13th June 2024 by NASGP

Video: Dr Varun Anand – adult obesity and weight management

Join Dr Varun Anand, a GP based in Hull with a special interest in lifestyle medicine, for an insightful webinar on adult obesity and weight management.

This session is designed for GPs and primary care professionals seeking to enhance their understanding and management of obesity in clinical practice.

Key topics

  • An introduction to Dr Anand’s background and his focus on lifestyle medicine.
  • Definitions and classifications of obesity, including the World Health Organisation’s and NICE’s perspectives.
  • Current statistics on obesity rates and the financial burden on healthcare systems.
  • Detailed discussion on BMI, waist circumference, and the Edmonton Obesity Staging System. 5
  • Social determinants of obesity and its impact on different populations.
  • Analysis of the UK’s Eatwell Guide, Canada’s Food Guide, and the role of ultra-processed foods in obesity.
  • Physiological and clinical benefits of weight loss, including the impact on chronic diseases.
  • Identification of common medications that may promote weight gain and alternative options.
  • Strategies for discussing weight management with patients, focusing on language sensitivity and avoiding weight stigma.
  • A Brief Advice model.
  • Practical demonstration of the 3 A’s method (Ask, Advise, Assist) for providing brief advice in a clinical setting.
  • Overview of national and local weight management services, including criteria for referral.
  • References to the World Obesity Federation and Obesity Canada‘s resources and e-learning modules.

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