Locum GP workforce numbers out for the count

We don't know how many GPs are working in the NHS, so Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced at this month's RCGP conference that Health Education England HEE is going to start counting us, area by area, rather than carry on guessing. Mr Hunt also challenged Labour's policy of wanting to expand the number of salaried GPs employed by hospitals, which was at odds with NHS chief executive Simon Steven's plans for hospitals to start their own GP surgeries.

But despite this push-me-pull-you situation, the fact remains we just don't know how many GPs we're dealing with. In 2008 the NASGP estimated that there were anything up to 15,500 GP locums in the UK, and revised this figure earlier this year to 17,000 locum GPs - all this on top of any figures the government has ever produced.

Mr Hunt has asked HEE to report back before the first spending round of the next parliament.



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