FAQ: How do I get a BNF?

To receive a BNF book:

  • NASGP work with NHS England to help as many NASGP locum members in England receive one every September (not April), so please make sure that you’ve updated your NASGP membership with your country, GMC number and GP status.
  • Salaried GPs should organise distribution through their practice; if you’re a locum and salaried/partner, you’ll receive a BNF via your practice – NHS England will only send you one if you’re not otherwise listed as a partner or salaried GP. We can’t guarantee that NHS England will provide one, as they have ultimate control over distribution and distribution is dependent on available supplies.
  • In Scotland, the Local Health Boards (or equivalent) distribute the BNF so please contact them.
  • If you live in Wales or Northern Ireland, your local Health Authority still has responsibility so you need to send your contact details to the chief executive of your Health Authority.

There is the online eBNF, or the BNF smartphone/tablet apps.

If I didn’t receive my BNF?

  • NASGP acts as a third party by sharing your details with NHS England’s agent Binley’s once a year, and they then cross-check our list against their own. If they see you on a different list e.g. on a previous practice (partner or salaried) they’ll send it to that practice instead. We suggest check with your old practice (if you had one within the last 18 months), or if not contact Binley’s direct.
  • NASGP submits its list once per year in July ready for the September BNF mailing of that year (usually posted end of October and beginning of November of that same year). If you join the NASGP after July, you won’t be able to receive a BNF via the NASGP until the following year.
  • NASGP can not supply BNFs if NHS England’s allocation to Binley’s has run out, and can not guarantee that you will receive a copy. Please direct all queries about non-supply to Binleys.

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