GPs urged to vote as BMA eyes winter 2024 industrial action

15th March 2024 by NASGP

GPs urged to vote as BMA eyes winter 2024 industrial action

GPs in England have until 27 March to respond to a referendum on the GP contract which could inform a decision on industrial action in November, Londonwide LMCs warned.

With the GP contract 2024/5 now published, GPs have until 27 March to vote on a BMA referendum on it before it is imposed in April.

In June, the BMA is set to run focus groups with GPs and the public on the possibilities for industrial action.

In October, industrial action will be announced for late November and/or early December.

The BMA has urged members to vote on the contract via the referendum, and for GPs to join the BMA in order to have a say on the funding due to be imposed on the profession from 1 April.

The new contract fails to ringfence funding for GP locums. The Department for Health and Social Care and NHS England explicitly rejected the negotiators’ recommendation to reimburse inflationary increases in SFE reimbursements for GP sickness and parental locum cover, which have not changed since 2019.

The DHSC and NHSE also rejected safe working limited, guaranteed uplifts for DDRB awards for salaried GPs and funding for GP locums through ARRS.

LMCs are promoting online ‘national catch-up’ meetings about possible action on Thursday 21 March at 12.30pm (link) and 7.30pm (link).

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, NASGP chair, said: “There is so much at stake here, for all GPs, whether partner, salaried or locum. A poorly funded contract will have a significant and deleterious impact on what services practices can afford to provide, which will not only add to the pressure the GP workforce is already under, but also to patient care.

“And its blanket imposition in April just rubs salt into the wound.

“This is a unique opportunity for all GPs to have their voices heard, and if you haven’t yet voted, now would be a great time to do so.”

Join the BMA to vote.

"Thanks for all you have done for sessional GPs, keep up the good work. "

Dr Judith King

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