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By far our best tool is the CQC-friendly Standardised Practice Information Portal. It's completely free to practices, GPs and staff, and is a great way to ake sure everyone in your practice is up-to-date with recent news, clinical guidelines, policies and contact information.

Download this template and adjust it to suit your practice's own needs.

We recommend printing it out (maybe as the b-side on the back of other patient information?) to be handed out to patients as they arrive.

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Home visits are some of the most complicated activities that GPs do. Away from electronic records, usually after a busy surgery, through traffic, to sick or frail patients, often with multiple problems and anxious carers.

Our template helps you make the whole process go much more smoothly.

And don't forget, your Spip practice pack can be accessed via smartphone too.


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Avoiding pitfalls on home visits

These allow clinicians to make a physical record of every consultation that needs referral, reducing the likelihood of a referral going missing.


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To get the most out of your freelance GPs and minimise stress to your practice staff and disruption for patients, it is helpful to have the following in place in time for your GPs to smoothly start their session.


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The best person to let you know when a room needs reequipping is the last person that used it. Print some of these out and pin to each room's notice board.


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Patients usually prefer to see their usual GP, but that's not always possible. So it can be really handy to give them a good explaination of what a locum GP is, and how actually seeing a locum could be advantageous too.


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Locums work in anything up to 40 different practices a year, and capturing feedback is a great way for practices to benefit from our wide range of experience and seeing everything with a fresh pair of eyes.

Part of NASGP's Spip Toolkit


Podcast on locum GP exit feedback


More tools for practice managers



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