wordblock - accredited chambersThis document outlines the basic set of minimum standards to be adopted by all freelance GP locum chambers listed on the NASGP website.

Each freelance GP chambers must ensure the following are undertaken:

Clinical information

  • Collect up-to-date clinical information from local sources and collate it in a meaningful way for chambers members.
  • Provide access to tailored educational events.Note :: the chamber may source this information collaboratively between its local members, or utilise its chambers managers. A chamber may want to share some or all of this information with other local locums who are not its members.

Business management

  • Ensure all members must perform all their GP locum work through their chambers.
  • Ensure every booked session is confirmed to the practice.
  • Publish terms and conditions for members, practices and the chambers.

Working as a team

  • Ensure all members attend a minimum of 4 internal chambers clinical governance meetings per year.
  • Have a nominated ‘chambers lead partner’ per team to support clinical governance issues.
  • Working as a team - Ideally have no more than 15 GPs per team/unit.
  • Working relationships with practices - have a nominated ‘chambers manager’ per team to oversee local bookings.


  • Individually notify each member of every complaint, significant or adverse event and must participate in its chambers significant events procedures.
  • Must ensure that members complete feedback about a practice if they decide to ‘blacklist’ that practice.
  • Raise quality concerns about an underperforming practice in a meaningful way.
  • Must support underperforming members.
  • Provide assistance to its members for all aspects of NHS appraisal and revalidation.
  • Insist all practices provide your members with confidential usernames and passwords for their clinical IT systems.


  • Have an option where members can have autonomy to take on a leadership role in an area of their clinical or non-clinical interest to further the purpose of their local chambers.Note :: this can be from taking on a leadership role in a clinical or non-clinical area, or setting up a specialist clinic based on that member’s special skills or interests.

NASGP’s chambers accreditation scheme is subject to approval by the NASGP and can be withdrawn at any time.