Sayana Press, a new subcutaneous progesterone contraceptive

Sayana Press will soon be available in the UK. This statement is not a guideline on use, just a statement of availability.

Sayana Press is a subcutaneous injection of depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (ie like Depot-Provera, but in 'SC' form, rather than 'IM'). It is injected into the anterior thigh or anterior abdomen. It has the same side-effects as Depot. It lasts 13 weeks. It is only a little more expensive than Depot. Patient satisfaction is similar to Depot.

Why may it be useful?

  • In some obese women, there may be concern over Depot injections not being 'IM'.
    In trials, it has also been self-administered, though it isn't licensed for that at present.
    It may be useful in having a lower risk of haematoma  than 'IM'.

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