BASHH | Safer sex advice

safe sexThis guidance is really aimed at GU Medicine – but some useful bits for us. The point of it is that even short interventions can have some impact on people having safer sex.

There is an excellent patient leaflet, which could be used for people you think are at risk.

Generally think about asking about safe sexual practices in adolescents, men who have sex with men, people who’ve had previous STDs or been contacts of STDs and people who have frequent partner changes. If you give out the advice when they consult for something relevant, it is more likely to lead to change!

2 things came out of this that I hadn’t appreciated:

  • It is acceptable to counsel people regarding reducing numbers of sexual partners, especially of concurrent partners. It is thought that this may, on a population level, be more effective than trying to get people to increase condom use.
  • Hepatitis. If someone has a partner from outside of Europe, America or Australia, consider testing them for hepatitis and then vaccinating if they are at continued risk.

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