Whacking moles

27th January 2018 by Judith Harvey

Whacking moles

The malware WannaCry attacked IT systems worldwide in 2017. Microsoft wasn’t making any more money from their hugely successful Windows XP so to encourage sales of a new operating system they had stopped maintaining XP. Some NHS trusts were among the thousands of institutions and companies that suffered.

A new hospital opens with a fanfare and a celebrity. It is smart and up-to-date. Well, up to the date that the plans were approved. What does it look like a year later? Ten years later? How stained is the concrete on the outside and how scuffed the paintwork on the inside? How many of the lifts are out of order today? Are the shrubberies now sprouting discarded coffee cups? Is the IT system just limping along?

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Dr Susannah Denny, Berkshire

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