There has to be an alternative

21st October 2013 by NASGP

There has to be an alternative

You’ve no doubt heard in the press about GP partners resigning from their partnerships mid-career to become locums, and more GPs applying for licenses to practice overseas in countries like Australia and Canada.

The reasons given seem to centre around rising workload, caused both by increased demands across the NHS, and also increased bureaucracy through devices like QOF and enhanced services, with more and more hoops to jump through to chase ever-decreasing rewards. Then, on top of this, an economic decline, with reducing income and a pension scheme that seems to be slowly fading in value. Add to this the pressure of patient complaints and litigation cases and the stress of revalidation, we begin to have in this country a toxic mix of circumstances which are leaving many GPs exhausted, unhappy and even hopeless about their career.

For many, early retirement seems the only escape from the hamster-wheel of endless effort. And now the Government threatens not only to add out of hours back to the workload of individual practices, but also longer hours and night-time responsibility too.

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"I started my career as a locum last year a week after CCT. I strongly agree with the doctors who praise the NASGP team. If there is no NASGP, there would be no GP locum called Dr Darshanie Seneviratne.

The team is absolutely amazing especially Dr Richard Fieldhouse, Ali Lewis and Jacqui Gumbrell – all providing unbelievable support to us. I've never seen such urgent assistance from any other team at any point in my career. For example when one of my invoices was delayed by a month and a half, Ali was incredibly supportive. It is a very good strength for us as we have support with any issues. I would like to stay with this amazing team forever. God bless them!"

Dr Darshanie Seneviratne, Essex

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