Swallowable gastric balloon capsule for weight loss

7th December 2020 by Dr Louise Hudman

Swallowable gastric balloon capsule for weight loss

Swallowable gastric balloon capsule for weight loss’ is a new guideline from NICE advising that swallowable gastric balloons can be used in certain conditions for weight loss, first published in November 2020.

What is a swallowable gastric balloon?

This procedure can take place in outpatients and doesn’t need endoscopy or sedation. Patients must also be enrolled in a programme for nutrition and behaviour change.

The patient swallows a capsule which contains a balloon. The capsule is attached to a fine delivery catheter. On reaching the stomach the capsule dissolves. The catheter is used to fill the balloon with water. The catheter is then pulled out. Xray is used to confirm the positioning at various points in the procedure.

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