Staying safe: easy steps to avert a personal crisis

23rd May 2019 by Kate Little

Staying safe: easy steps to avert a personal crisis

Many of us will have experienced a time of emotional crisis. It could follow a break-up of a relationship, a bereavement, a traumatic event, financial worries or an adjustment to a big change.

We might feel inadequate, a failure, ashamed, angry, agitated, shocked or numb. These feelings may resolve with time, but they might instead be so intense that they either completely overwhelm us or we might even feel cut off from them. We might start to experience thoughts that we would be better off dead or that those we care about would be better off without us.

Such suicidal ideation is quite common. It is generally associated with depression and other mood disorders. However, it may also have associations with adverse life and family events, all of which can increase our risk of suicidal thoughts.

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