Starting out as a GP trainer

26th June 2021 by Dr Sheelagh Donnelly

Starting out as a GP trainer

Like every other area of life, medical education was not immune to Covid-19. A dimensional shift to online teaching was required within days of lockdown, forcing the rapid acquisition of new skills by teachers. At the same time, the synchronous removal of a cap on medical school places and a rise in the number of GP trainees opened up more opportunities for educators.

Medical schools are still busy recruiting GPs with prior teaching experience to work as campus tutors and OOH services need more GPs with supervisory skills, so whether you have a nascent interest in teaching or years of experience now really is a golden time to polish up your teaching skills and invigorate your portfolio.

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Whether you’re a novice or not, the benefits of remote teaching quickly become clear. Tiring mid-winter drives to postgraduate meetings can be replaced with warmer, cheaper webinars. Universities will offer a blended programme delivery of lectures and tutorials from the autumn, saving everyone time and money.

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