So what does clinical-led commissioning mean for Sessional GPs?

19th July 2010 by NASGP

Whether you like it or not, it’s going to happen. As sessional GPs, particular as freelance GPs working in many different practices, you will no doubt have some across a huge diversity in the way in which the care is delivered to the patients you’re caring for. Although sometimes the cause of some failings lies with the way the practice is organised, more often than not it’s to do with resources that are above and beyond the control of local practices. And this is what commissioning is setting about to change; it has the potential to radically change the way we help manage patient care.

So how can Sessional GPs get involved? Firstly, now could be a good time to define your specific skills and abilities and make them known to the practices where you work. With the likelihood that aspects of secondary care are more likely to be managed locally, Sessional GPs with special interests need to make sure that they’re not overlooked when these services are being planned. If you’ve been working in lots of practices, your experience and skills could be invaluable and involvement in either planning or delivering these services could be of huge value locally.

But don’t stop at practice level. Clinical-led commissioning offers GPs yet another opportunity to use their skills, knowledge and experience to benefit patient care, offering yet another career opportunity for portfolio GPs who aren’t partners to take on significant roles locally.

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