Setting up your tax and legal status as a new GP locum

19th August 2019 by Liz Densley

Setting up your tax and legal status as a new GP locum

You’ve finished your GP training and you’re ready to be let loose on the world, but has your training taught you how to deal with your tax and pension position going forward? Liz Densley, specialist medical accountant from Honey Barrett, explains all you need to know.

As a GP registrar

You are taxed under PAYE, so you receive a payment each month where tax, national insurance, pension contributions and student loan repayments have already been deducted and you get what’s left. So, all you need to do is:

  • Know what you can claim for – exam and training costs whilst under a training contract only, professional subscriptions and mileage if you have to do visits in your own car (and you’ve not been paid for the miles).
  • Check you have the right tax code, and call HMRC if your allowances are not right.
  • Make sure, if you are getting to the end of your student loan repayments, that you communicate with the student loan guys to pay off your balance and get deductions stopped.

Once you become a fully-qualified GP it all changes!

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"I really like LocumDeck. Before, I was doing everything myself. It was a nightmare! Keeping a record of who has paid, chasing them – with LocumDeck, all that goes away. All you have to do is just book your sessions and work.

Doing remote sessions through LocumDeck has also been a very nice experience. The practices assign the patients very thoughtfully, considering the limitation of remote consultation, and I have developed a very good working relationships with them."

Dr Vin Ojha, GP, Stoke-on-Trent

Dr Vin Ojha, GP, Stoke-on-Trent

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