Setting career goals as a sessional GP

3rd March 2017 by NASGP

Setting career goals as a sessional GP

Yet I don’t call it ‘the goal-setting page’. Sneaky huh? Why have it there at all, and why not call it what it really is?

Latter question first… why do I avoid calling it anything to do with goal-setting? The reason is that people can be a bit ‘funny’ about goal-setting. Some think it is just not nice, or that doing so must mean you are selfish in some way. Some have had an upbringing where setting goals just wasn’t part of the way their key caregivers operated, so it is a truly alien concept. Conversely, some have had their goals suppressed but with alternatives set up by their parents, thus promulgating little involvement of the individual… a good reason to have developed an anti-goal-setting attitude if ever there was one.

Others think it’s hogwash to set goals. Indeed, there are books written about how not to set goals, and some quarters who will say goal-setting is positively harmful. I particularly like the take on not setting goals from Zen Habits

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