RCGP’s new appraisal guide

16th March 2017 by Sara Chambers

RCGP’s new appraisal guide

The RCGP has responded to feedback from its latest revalidation survey by clarifying and simplifying its appraisal and revalidation guidance (updated 2018). Dr Sara Chambers, NASGP’s appraisal and revalidation lead, highlights the main changes in the new RCGP appraisal guidance.

The six areas of supporting evidence are largely unchanged, but there have been some important clarifications, a couple of removals and a few additions.

On reflection

There is a back-to-basics (or back to GMC) definition on what it is to be a reflective professional as a habit of mind and behaviour, rather than having to “obsessively document” every new thing you learn or act on.

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