Q&A: Dr Andrew Coward, GP locum and writer

15th May 2023 by NASGP

Q&A: Dr Andrew Coward, GP locum and writer

In a quick Q&A with NASGP he talks about starting out as a GP locum, how his clinical experiences of trauma and menopause influenced his new books, and the benefits of using NASGP’s LocumDeck to manage GP locum work.

NASGP: What inspired your first book, ‘A Party at Number 10 and Other Stories’?

Dr Coward: My motivation came because I felt I had something to say. It’s a kind of memoir of my family from the beginning of the 20th century and the golden thread within the book is essentially how to save the NHS.

My granddad was born on the Liverpool docks in 1904 when chances of a child getting to age five were 50/50. The poverty was pretty extreme. The book asks the question, Why is my life so different from his? I came to the conclusion that a lot of it was predicated around the Beveridge Report.

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Expert advice about starting out as a GP locum

"LocumDeck has given me the opportunity to work in different practices and meet new colleagues. I enjoy the flexibility of working on a locum basis. I found the initial setting up process straightforward, and there is plenty of help with the set up guides as well as support from Katrina Munro, the Nurse Ambassador at Frimley Training Hub, and Becky Nelson, the Nurse Support Manager at LocumDeck. I now have regular bookings on days and times which suit me."

Anon nurse, Frimley

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