Planning for
 university fees

28th August 2019 by Nigel Farrar

Planning for
 university fees

Are university fees looming in your household? Maybe your teenager is already collecting their belongings together ready to start their next chapter in life as a student. Even if your ‘mini-me’ has only just chosen their GCSE subjects, no doubt university fees will be something you ponder with some fear and trepidation.

With maximum tuition fees at £9,250 per year, that’s without even starting to think about the cost of homing, feeding and supporting your little darling, university fees can seem an out of reach expense even for the most hard-working and reasonably well off.

If your child decides to follow in your ‘medical footsteps’ and become a doctor or dentist then you are looking at around 5 years plus of fees (more on this later). Worse still, if they want to train to be an architect, you could be looking at about 7 years of tuition fees and living expenses – that’s a lot of fees!

How do I plan for student fees?

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