Palforzia for peanut allergy in children and young people

23rd July 2022 by Dr Louise Hudman

Palforzia for peanut allergy in children and young people

Nice has released new guidance on the use of a drug, Palforzia, in treating peanut allergy in children and young people. The guidance was released in Feb 2022.

What is Palforzia?

It is an oral immunotherapy. It is made from peanut protein. It can be given in gradually increasing doses, starting from a very low dose, that would not be possible using normal peanuts.

How is it used?

Patients are given slowly increasing doses of Palforzia in a very controlled manner. It is expected that patients would then continue on Palforzia for about 2 years. At the end of the two years, most patients would then need to continue to have some degree of peanuts in their diets to maintain tolerance. Some patients would remain on Palforzia.

Can people with allergies start eating peanuts if they take Palforzia?

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