Oral bowel preparation agents

7th September 2012 by Louise Hudman

You may have seen the recent letter from QA asking that we prescribe bowel prep for patients going to endoscopy. This guideline gives advice on how you can safely do this.

Portsmouth prefers Picolax (contains sodium picosulphate and magnesium citrate) and Klean Prep (contains polyethylene glycol). Generally Picolax is used if possible as patients tend to prefer it. I will therefore summarise some of the issues with these two products and some other things to be aware of – but this is by no means exhaustive!

Picolax. Ideally use only if GFR is > 60. It can be used if GFR is lower, but only if Klean Prep isn’t tolerated. Be very cautious if they are CKD 4 or 5. Use with caution if the patient is at risk of hypovolaemia (as below). Avoid if they have liver failure or cirrhosis.


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