New progesterone-only pills advice (FRSH, 2022)

19th December 2022 by Dr Louise Hudman

New progesterone-only pills advice (FRSH, 2022)

This is an updated guideline from FSRH on POPs. It was published in Aug 2022. There is a useful quick reference guide, but it is only available if you are a member of Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH). There are also very useful tables in the main guideline on starting the different POPs under different circumstances (pages 43 to 45) and on switching from POPs to different methods (pages 55 to 57).

The main change is that there will soon be a new POP available in the UK. There isn’t anything substantially new on the other POPs, but you can see my summary for these in a separate blog.

What is the new progesterone-only pill available?

It is the drospirenone (DSRP) POP. It is a progestogen with a similar pharmacological profile to progesterone. It is a derivative of spironolactone. It has anti-mineralocorticoid activity and mild anti-androgenic activity. It is an aldosterone agonist.

How does the new progesterone-only pill work?

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