NASGP’s legal advice on NHS Pension ‘Death in Service’ benefits

8th August 2020 by NASGP

NASGP’s legal advice on NHS Pension ‘Death in Service’ benefits

In March 2020, NASGP launched a fundraising campaign, supported by just short of 100 GP locums and their supporters, to seek formal legal advice on whether a simple ‘Continual Service Contract’ – triggered by a need to self-isolate – would enable a GP locum’s dependents benefit from all Death in Service benefits afforded by the NHS Pension scheme.

Because of these generous donations from NASGP members and others, we were able to instruct both a specialist employment lawyer Ray Levy, and barrister Mary O’Rourke QC, who have compiled the following FAQs.

Would a ‘Continual Service Contract’ or ‘Continual Self-Employed Contractor’s Agreement’ enable me to qualify for death in service benefits?

There are two possible types of ‘Continual Service Contract’. One is a Continual Employment Contract and the other would be a Continual Self-Employed Contractor’s Agreement.

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