NASGP and MPU-Unite joint membership

8th June 2012 by NASGP

We’re really delighted to introduce a new option for all new and existing members – to add MPU-Unite membership to your NASGP membership, either as an ‘upgrade’ to your existing membership, or when you next renew your NASGP membership. If you’re not already a member, it just takes a few minutes to join.

The MPU – Medical Practitioners Union – has been around since before the BMA, and is now part of the much larger Unite union. Membership of MPU-Unite by no means excludes membership to the BMA, in fact the two work very closely together, with the MPU having two seats on the BMA’s GP Committee, and one of these 2 seats currently being taken up by the NASGP.

So why would you want to join a different union in addition to, or instead of, the one you belong to now?

Because this then gives you the option to be represented by a completely different, independent union if you’re involved in a dispute with an employer who is being supported by a different union.

Why would I want to join MPU-Unite.

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"I am delighted by the way the NASGP has grown and become such a good support group for locums and other non-principals. I have really appreciated the mailings and enjoyed attending one conference. Please keep up the good work!"

Dr Sarah Steed, Cambridge

Dr Sarah Steed, Cambridge

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