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18th March 2010 by NASGP

One good way to get things done in the GP world is to have motions debated and hopefully adopted at the annual conference of LMCs in June every year, and the Monday 12th April deadline for LMC motions is swiftly approaching.  NASGP member Jessica Harris has suggested:

…people should lobby their LMC reps to get these motions put forward, … it would help if the same sort of ideas come form different regions of the country as then the agenda committee is more likely to put these items high enough on the agenda for them to be voted on…

Here are some of Jessica’s and our suggestions for you to get your LMC to submit:

  1. Superannuation: Extension of deadline for locums to submit LocumA and LocumB forms.
  2. Allow locums to pay superannuation contributions by direct debit or standing order.
  3. Locum GPs regularly work across multiple PCTs, practices, consulting rooms, IT and clinical governance systems, often under circumstances which enforce underperformance beyond the locum GPs control. To deliver safe patient care locum GPs therefore need better tailored support which addresses their specific needs.
  4. Locums need to be fully recognised in proposals for revalidation. Any requirements must recognise the realities of locum work and must be fully funded centrally.

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"I am delighted by the way the NASGP has grown and become such a good support group for locums and other non-principals. I have really appreciated the mailings and enjoyed attending one conference. Please keep up the good work!"

Dr Sarah Steed

Dr Sarah Steed

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