Melbourne sunnyside up

28th June 2014 by NASGP

Melbourne sunnyside up

Lindsay was locuming in the UK, when she was given the opportunity to work in Australia for a few years.

I started work in Melbourne, Australia, in December 2013. Prior that I had worked as a locum and salaried GP in Leeds since 2010, taught at Leeds University and worked with the RCGP First5 team. When my boyfriend was offered a job in Melbourne, not knowing anything about it, I turned to Google. It sounded great!….the world’s most liveable city! GP pay significantly higher. Good work/life balance, lots of sunshine, so I thought, why not?!

Admittedly, at the time, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with UK general practice for many of the reasons that I saw in others’ frustration – the demand, poor media coverage, paperwork, QoF requirements… and so forth! So I was willing for the change.

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"We have used LocumDeck for a number of months now and find it really useful when booking locums. You can see the availability of GPs, their documents are all loaded on the site and you can book instantly – it takes minutes to do. There are also no expensive locum agency fees to pay – just the GP’s actual payment. It's quick and hassle-free."

Lesley Munro-Faure, Managing Partner, Unity Health, Buckinghamshire

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