LocumDeck’s Bookkeeper

10th March 2023 by NASGP

LocumDeck’s Bookkeeper

Locumdeck’s Bookkeeper updates itself completely automatically from the rich information generated from all the travelling and locum work you do, and also allows you to add other financial data too to cover all your self-employed work.

At any time, you can export any data you need, and also generate a smart financial report for your accountant or financial advisor.

Bookkeeper is integrated into LocumDeck – click on the Bookkeeper tab at any time to integrate the pages of information within.

Automatic record-keeping for GP locums

  • Smart session counter to help you work out the number of four-hour equivalent sessions for indemnity purposes.
  • Number of sessions worked.
  • Total amount earned.
  • Breakdown of employer pension contributions.
  • ‘Reimbursed’ travel costs as applicable (not part of your pensionable pay).
  • Paid/unpaid status of invoices.
  • PDF copies of all invoices and automatically completed Locum A and B forms.
  • Mileage (automatic):
    • Between home and GP practice.
    • Between GP practices.
    • Individual journey details.

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