Is your career stuck in a rut?

9th January 2015 by NASGP

Is your career stuck in a rut?

If something doesn’t feel right about your career; if you are not enjoying your work; if you constantly think about how to get out; if your health is suffering due to work, or if you feel everything is not in balance, it’s quite likely that things are not in a sustainable place and that something will give, at some point or other.

I regularly meet doctors who can clearly do the job and do it well, but when we discuss things in more detail, it becomes clear that a particular question needs to be asked, and that is “at what cost to you?”

In other words, they can hold down the job and function well to everyone else’s satisfaction but for some reason, they are achieving this at a great personal cost. As a result they usually have a nagging doubt or prevarication over the two extreme points of view, one being “I am doing a good job and know I can do the job” versus “but I am not feeling that things are right”.

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