Is my pay all going on income tax?

11th July 2018 by Liz Densley

Is my pay all going on income tax?

There are certain ‘crunch points’ at income levels where it can make a material difference, depending on various circumstances, to different types of tax liabilities.

There are different effects, for example at all these levels of earnings:

  • £6,205, £8,424, £11,850. £18,330, £46,350, £50,000, £100,000, £110,000, £150,000

And for different types of income:

  • Dividends (£2,000),
  • Interest (could be £1000 or £500),
  • Self employment (£1,000),
  • Rental income (£1,000),
  • Rent a room (£7500)

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