IBS in GP (2021 update)

25th October 2021 by Dr Louise Hudman

IBS in GP (2021 update)

This is an updated guideline from the BGS on IBS. It was published in June 2021. The last guideline they published was in 2007. NICE also has a guideline on IBS, which was published in 2008, but which has been updated several times since then. This is much more detailed and is, I think, therefore more useful.

If you are interested in the pathophysiology of IBS, then a 10 minute read through that section of the guideline is really very useful. I will definitely be changing how I talk to patients with IBS based upon my reading of this.

I am going to outline what is new or what I found interesting in this guideline, and then going to do a summary of the guideline.

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