If I’m already getting lots of work as a GP locum, how else can LocumDeck help me?

19th August 2023 by NASGP

Even if you’re well established, you’ll still find LocumDeck extremely useful:

  • You can save significant admin time by using the invoicing and bookkeeping functions, and automated pension forms.
  • You can also make and confirm your own bookings, and create a clear record of the agreed session details, for you and each practice.
  • Most importantly, you can protect against the uncertainty of work flows by widening the range of practices you’re in touch with.

"NASGP membership is an excellent tool for increasing bookings with local practices. The calendar and availability function on the platform are extremely useful and easy to use. The support staff are excellent troubleshooting any queries. Overall the platform gives me a real sense of control over bookings and I feel this is an invaluable tool for clinicians wishing to provide availability to clinics in the area."

Dr Alexander Zaharievski, GP locum, Frimley

Dr Alexander Zaharievski, GP locum, Frimley

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