How does the RCGP ‘Membership Plus’ offer work for existing members?

14th September 2020 by Richard Fieldhouse

From 4th September 2020, we have an offer on our new NASGP Membership Plus for RCGP members.

All existing NASGP members paying £11/month were automatically upgraded to NASGP Membership Plus, still at £11/month, for one year, after which they will be given the choice to either return to NASGP Membership (kept at £11/month instead of £12/month) or continue with NASGP Membership Plus at £24/month.

"Thank you for all your help. I put my sessions on in Mid-Nov and within a day, I was already booked up for the next six weeks until the Christmas holidays. It's a huge weight off my mind.

Dr Francesca Cappelluto, London

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