GP locums to receive H1N1 vaccinations from their employing practices

22nd October 2009 by NASGP

There’s only one sensible way for locums to get their H1N1 jab, and that’s as soon as possible in one of their upcoming sessions at their next GP surgery. The BMA’s forthcoming advice on this will be quite clear:

Locums should seek vaccination at the practice at which they are registered in the first instance. However, if it is more practical for their vaccination to be administered at the practice at which they are working, they should ensure that the practice with which they are registered are informed that this vaccination has taken place.

The General Practitioners Committee of the BMA has been working on this in order that we can get our vaccines done and just get on with treating our patients. Experience is showing that practices are being really supportive and open-minded about this, and always remember that when it comes showing appreciation a packet of Hobnobs for the staff always goes down well.

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"We’ve worked with the NASGP now for over a decade, and have always been impressed with their commitment to promoting a really productive working relationship between practices and GP locums, with the ultimate aim of making sure patients receive the best care, no matter which GP they see."

Lynda Cox, Practice Cover

Lynda Cox, Practice Cover

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