Giving effective feedback to a GP colleague

5th March 2020 by Rachel Birch

Giving effective feedback to a GP colleague

GP locums are in a challenging yet rewarding position, in that they frequently review patients that have been seen by other GPs. However, many GP locums may be concerned, if they were to come across a clinical error, what would be the most appropriate way to provide feedback to those GPs?

GP locums are often best placed to pick up on potential clinical errors in general practice. There are many reasons for this, and they could be regarded as a valuable safety net in patient care. They may be reviewing patients whose investigation or treatment has been started by another GP. As such, they may be a “fresh pair of eyes” and may pick up on a subtle difference that the treating GP may have overlooked. Not knowing the patient can sometimes be helpful, as GP locums may have to go back to the beginning to reassess the patient.

GP locums have lots to offer practices in terms of learning; working in different practices with different patient populations and ways of working can bring experience that it can often be helpful to share.

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What’s the minimum number of GP sessions I can work in a year?

There is no consistently set minimum number of sessions a GP should work per year across the UK.

To remain on the GP Performers’ List in England, GPs must undertake at least one GP locum session per year as a minimum commitment.

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Less than 40 sessions per year?

Any GP in England/Wales working less than 40 sessions in the year of their appraisal will need to submit a ‘structured reflective template’ (SRT) with their GP appraisal to demonstrate their continued ability to provide safe care.

Structured reflective template (SRT) for GP appraisal

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See NHS guidance “Supporting doctors who undertake a low volume of NHS General Practice clinical work

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Toolkit | Feedback from practice to GP locum

Want to get some feedback from a practice? We’ve developed an online electronic locum feedback form to make this a lot easier.

Request feedback from practices about your performance ahead of appraisal/revalidation. Join NASGP to get access to our form.

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As GP locums, we work in anything up to 40 different practices a year.

Capturing our feedback is a great way for practices to benefit from our experience and share positive feedback with colleagues, patients and the CQC.

Share this simple form with GP locums to request feedback on their session at your practice

We ask GPs locums about:

  • whether they felt welcome
  • whether they received a practice induction pack
  • whether they had an induction to the practice
  • whether they were given their own username and password
  • whether they signed repeat prescriptions
  • whether they had access to parking
  • whether they had trouble logging into the clinical IT system
  • whether they were able to complete paperwork
  • whether they had trouble accessing the building
  • whether they could make tea or coffee
  • whether appointsments were timed well
  • whether they could work uninterrupted
  • whether they had access to equipment in the consulting room.

We also ask for GP locums to fill in a free text field to add further comments or testimonials, and advise on any potential risks they spotted during their session.

Here’s how the feedback will look.
Get and use constructive info about your GP practice from the locums you book. Get and use constructive info about your GP practice from the locums you book.


Appraisal during Covid 19

Now that appraisals are back, we’ve adapted AoMRC’s helpful pdf guide into a Google Doc and Word template.

Download – Word Save as – Google Doc

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