Progestogen-only implant guideline from FSRH

29th March 2021 by Louise Hudman

Progestogen-only implant guideline from FSRH

This is an updated guideline from the FSRH on the progestogen-only implant, updated in Feb 21 (and was originally released in 2014).

There are a few bits that are new in this guideline:

  • There is updated advice around using ulipristal-acetate and the progestogen only implant.
  • There is also advice on using the implant into the 4th year.
  • Mefenamic acid can be used as an option if there is problematic bleeding.
  • The position for implantation has been updated (as per previous communications from the FSRH).
  • They have also released an excellent Quick Reference Guide ( This is the first time that I have seen these from the FSRH, but it is very good.

As always, there are some excellent tables within the full guidance that give advice on starting the implant, switching from or to alternative contraception and also on stopping the implant. I have not put these in this blog, but they are a very useful resource.

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