FSRH | Male and female sterilisation

13th February 2015 by Louise Hudman

FSRH | Male and female sterilisation

This is an updated guideline from the FSRH on male and female sterilisation. There was little that was new in this for us. One thing I don’t think I was aware of, was that they can now do ‘hysteroscopic sterilisation’. Nickel inserts are placed in the fallopian tubes hysteroscopically. This does not need a GA, nor a laparoscopy. The inserts cause fibrosis which then blocks the tubes. Tubal occlusion has to be documented at 3m by imaging, so additional contraception has to be used until then. The failure rate is about 1 in 500 at 5 years.

The FPA has an excellent leaflet on sterilisation, which is very up to date.

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