FSRH | Daylette and Eloine – a new pill containing drospirenone

11th March 2016 by Louise Hudman

FSRH | Daylette and Eloine – a new pill containing drospirenone

This is a guideline from the FSRH about a new pill, Eloine, which contains 20mcg ethinylestradiol and 3mg drospirenone. There is a cheaper generic equivalent, called Daylette. In the USA it is known as Yaz.

It is taken in a 24/4 regime, so 24 active pills and 4 placebo pills.

Possible pros

  • Lots of girls like having placebo pills as it can be easier to remember.
  • Acne and PMS. In the USA, it has been licensed for use in severe PMS and in moderate acne, where the woman also wants contraception. However there is only very limited evidence for these indications.


  • Potassium. It has antimineralcorticoid activity, so potassium needs to be checked just in the first cycle of use. It has not been tested with aldosterone antagonists or potassium sparing diuretics, but may interact.
  • VTE risk. As with gestodene and desogestrel, there is a higher risk than with some other pills, ie a 4.5 to 6 x increase VTE risk, to a risk of 9 to 12 per 10,000 woman years.

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Same as other pills

  • Bleeding profile – is the same as with other pills.
  • Efficacy. Is most likely similar to other pills, but some studies have suggested superior ovarian suppression.

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