Five financial tips 
for GP locums

10th September 2018 by Nigel Farrar

Five financial tips 
for GP locums

Being a locum has many advantages: greater flexibility, autonomy and variety. But there are some disadvantages too: peaks and troughs in income, difficulties with getting a mortgage and uncertainty about your financial situation if you fall ill or die, to name just a few. Modern life can compound matters too.

A recent report has found that 1 in 4 families are now single parent households. Sadly, being a GP doesn’t make you immune to such statistics either and increasingly I am being asked for advice about this very situation.

But fear not. Here are my five tips to make your finances as a locum run more smoothly in the future.

1. Who’s going to look after you and your family financially if you fall ill and can’t work or you die?

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Lesley Munro-Faure, Managing Partner at Unity Health, York

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