e-learning | Management of hyperparathyroidism and high calcium

30th September 2019 by Louise Hudman

e-learning | Management of hyperparathyroidism and high calcium

This is a new guideline from NICE on managing high calcium (Ca) levels and hyperparathyroidism published in May 2019.

I am doing a general summary of the guideline. Although some of this is going to be managed in secondary care, I have also summarised these bits of the guideline as we will be responsible for following up the patients.

When should you measure calcium levels?

  • Symptoms of hypercalcaemia (e.g. thirst, frequent or excessive urination or constipation)
  • Osteoporosis or fragility fracture.
  • Renal stone.
  • Incidental finding of Ca 2.6 mmol/L or more.

Also consider measuring it if there are ‘chronic non-differentiated symptoms’.


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