e-Learning | Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage

24th April 2019 by Louise Hudman

e-Learning | Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage

This is an updated guideline on ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage from NICE (published Apr 19). It was last updated in 2012 when I originally wrote this blog post.

The 2019 update doesn’t add very much to what we were already doing. There are two new elements:

  • Expectant management of women with a miscarriage before 6/40. They have amended this to add that you should only use expectant management if there are no risk factors for ectopic pregnancy (eg a previous ectopic).
  • Expectant management of ectopic pregnancy. This is a new section. It is really most relevant for secondary care, but it is useful for us to know a bit about it.

Useful bits of information:

  • Expectant Management – see below – this is good for us to know.
  • Presentation of Ectopic Pregnancy. Remember that presentation can be nebulous.
  • Pregnancy Tests. All surgeries should have pregnancy tests available (at the moment I would suggest that only a minority have them – should we think about carrying them?).
  • Emergency Contact Numbers. Ensure women know who to contact if symptoms worsen.

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