e-Learning | Coughs (of the acute kind) and antimicrobial prescribing

11th May 2019 by Louise Hudman

e-Learning | Coughs (of the acute kind) and antimicrobial prescribing

This is a new guideline  from NICE on when to prescribe antibiotics for coughs. It only covers those with acute coughs and doesn’t include COPD patients (they are covered in a separate guideline).

I was surprised by some of the evidence base here and what may work and what may not work, so I will cover some of this.

The only real learning points for me otherwise were:

  • Coughs normally last 3-4/52 (I would probably have given a shorter estimate than this).
  • A 5 day course of antibiotics is recommended. In adults, doxycycline should be used first line, though amoxicillin, clarithromycin and erythromycin can be used too.

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