Covid-19 booster jabs for GPs

8th October 2021 by NASGP

Covid-19 booster jabs for GPs

The booster campaign launched last month on 16 Sept and is open to frontline health and care workers as well as identifying other eligible patients. NHS England has claimed that it will get in touch with patients as and when they become eligible. 

Booster jabs are recommended as a ‘top up’ for those who received a second dose over six months ago. 

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, a GP locum and chair of NASGP said: “Thanks to this advice, I have just been able to get my booster vaccine! It still amazes me that, even as a leading national organisation for GPs with over 6k subscribers we’re in daily contact with, we have to rely on members rather than government to disseminate essential occupational health information.

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"I signed up to NASGP when I CCT'd in December 2022 and I've been using LocumDeck for all aspects of my work since. I have tried a few different platforms but nothing compares to the comfort and practicality of LocumDeck.

The NASGP support team is absolutely wonderful and they walked me through the initial set-up. Once the set-up is complete, the booking process is so easy and literally happens with the click of a button. I also love the paperless pension form submissions through LocumDeck and it takes me no more than two minutes each month to send all the necessary pension forms to PCSE. I have had so many queries while getting used to LocumDeck and every single one of them has been answered within 24 hours by Ali and Jacqui from NASGP support. They have even helped me contact a few practice managers on my behalf whenever there has been an issue.

As a newly-qualified GP, it can be quite daunting to go into the world of GP locuming and this can often push trainees to take up less-than-ideal jobs reluctantly. The NASGP website gave me all the necessary information and resources that I needed to seamlessly transition from a GP trainee to a GP locum.

I have already recommended LocumDeck to all my colleagues and it is a must-have for anyone thinking about entering the GP locum world. GP locums are an extremely valuable resource to the primary care workforce and I wish every practice in the country would sign up to NASGP and get the most out of this rapidly evolving community."

Dr Priya Arunachalam, GP, Southampton

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